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Whether your pet needs vaccinations, medical treatment or surgery, our City Pet Care Clinic is here to help you. Over the years pets have become more than just animals; they are members of our families. Proper care is essential for our dogs and cats to live a long and happy life. We recommend annual examinations to help detect medical conditions that may devastating effects on your companion if left alone. Most of the time pets are just fine, but when there is a problem the veterinarian is the person to see.

SURGERY:- We perform only minor surgeries at our clinic . Major surgeries are referred to the specialist

Medical Care:- It is possible for your pet to get sick even with excellent preventive care. Our doctor is here to help when that happens. If your pet becomes ill, we have an in-house lab to help diagnose the problem so that the doctor can inform you of the best course of action for the situation. For your convince, the in-house pharmacy is stocked with most medications prescribed by our doctor.

Emergency Care:- If your pet needs emergency care, we are here to help. If possible, call us before you leave home or while on your way in so that we can be prepared to begin treatment right away. If you are not sure if you pet needs emergency treatment, call and tell us their symptoms. For after hours emergency care.

Vaccination: All type of vaccination available in our clinic

Supplies:- We offer a variety of supplies that you may need for your pet's health plus both yours and your pet's comfort. We can provide medicated shampoos for skin conditions, dental products to help keep your pet's teeth clean, Allerpet C & D to help make your cat or dog less allergenic to you, Veterinary diets and more